About Us

Community Board Five serves as a representative voice of the community.

The board has several committees, organized by topic area, that review applications before us as well as local issues that affect the community. The committees do the research work necessary to arrive at an informed position and present their recommendations to the full board. The full board issues advisory opinions in the form of resolutions that incorporate feedback received from the community. These resolutions become the board’s official position.

Committee meetings and full board meetings take place monthly. The public is welcome to attend any of these meetings. At our full board meeting, the public can sign up to speak for two minutes on a topic of interest to the Board.

As an independent, non-partisan organization, the community board also oversees the delivery of municipal services. In this role, we take complaints from residents and business owners and work closely with city agencies, as well as city, state and federal elected officials, to address concerns and find solutions.

Our Role

Community Board Five plays an important advisory role in shaping the character of our district and working with elected officials and government agencies to ensure that city services run smoothly. Our board deals with a wide range of issues in the district, including land use and zoning, landmarks, transportation, parks, public safety, and city services.

Our district is New York’s central business district. It encompasses some of the city’s most iconic destinations: Times Square, the Theater District, the Garment District, Herald Square, Flatiron, Union Square and more. We are at the center of the city’s tourism industry. The Empire State Building, Carnegie Hall, Bryant Park, Madison Square Garden and Columbus Circle all fall within our district, as well as two of the region’s transportation hubs, Grand Central Terminal and Penn Station.

Board Policies and Procedures

Please find the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy linked here.